Are you finding flights expensive


Not passible to fly Saturdays or your have few days left off from your annual leave. We have the solution, – why not consider 5 day stay?

Last min reservation fly Sun, Mon or Tuesday. Although 5 days, you can benefit, day of arrival mid week allows you earlier entry anytime rather than 4pm entry Saturday arrival. Departure day allows you to stay in Villa until your flight, whereas, Saturday departure day you leave 10am. You make up some extra space and time at your villa even though you are here for 5 days instead of 7.

How to book, Firstly, view our website each Thursday to see what villas if any available:-

  • Reserve between 12 noon Thursday up to 12 noon Saturdays
  • Payment Credit Card only
  • Travel Docs, directions forwarded via e.mail or fax
  • Prices quoted 5 day stay on contact.
  • No car included

Keep an eye on our website for villas that are promoted as being available 5 day stays.


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